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The Road

Have you ever been out walking and seen a path, a track through fields or a footpath and thought to yourself 'I wonder where that goes?'. Me too - and on occasion I have walked some. Sometimes I get lost and end up finding myself somewhere else without a clue where I am. I remember one such occasion walking a path I thought I knew and getting lost, having to ask someone where I was and how to get where I wanted to be.

Our way through life can be like this. Often we go where we think we want to or have to and end up feeling lost. Being lost is scary to many of us with all the feelings of anxiety, panic, fear even. I am sure many of you reading this can identify with this.

If you are lost in life, therapy can help. I have had clients ask me 'So do you advise me what to do or where I should go?'. My answer is no. My place is not to give sage advice or to tell you what to do, but to act as a companion on your journey through whatever you are facing. Eventually you will know where you are and the way will look familiar to you again. If you are lost, get in touch with me and together we can explore and help you to find your way.

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