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The Cyclist

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

I see him quite often - cycling up a steep hill near my home. Wearing his cycling gear and always riding up the same hill. What amazes me is the sheer energy he puts into cycling. His feet and legs are cycling furiously but the bicycle seems to travel really slowly and he seems to be getting nowhere.

I mentioned the cyclist to a friend and I said I was curious as to why someone could be putting such effort into a journey which didnt seem to be getting him anywhere. He said that it could be he enjoys it that way or, more than likely the chain on the bike needed some adjustment.

Quite a good analogy for life when you think about it. How many of us seem to be putting so much energy into life, struggling up that hill and not getting anywhere. Sometimes we need to stop and reflect on our lives and ask ourselves 'Why am I struggling but getting nowhere'? Am I really enjoying this? What am I getting out of it?'

Perhaps it is time you had that chain looked at? If this feels like you get in touch.

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