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Just Follow the Script

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

I have always loved the Theatre ever since I was a child and there is nothing quite like a live performance. I have always been impressed how actors can remember their lines, what they have to do and when, making entrances and exits with perfect timing.

It seems marvelous to us as an audience to watch a performance unfold. However we don't realise just how much of our lives can be a scripted performance.

Claud Steiner said that every child has the ability to develop but when their natural development is discouraged, then the child has to adapt it's development and behaviour in order to fit in with the wishes of it's parents, carers or other authority figures. Steiner called this the Moment of Decision.

As children we learn how to behave in a certain way in our families. This is in order to get the approval and acceptance and in many cases, the love that we need as children. We make an early decision about who we are, what type of person we are and what our place is in the world. This becomes our life script and it can affect our choices and behaviour as well as responses to various situations throughout our lives in our relationships, our lifestyle and even our choice of career. The outcome of our choices or behaviour is often to underpin a core belief about ourselves in childhood. For example, people will label themselves as stupid, boring, clumsy or a loser. Even further, it may affect their choice of partner, friends or their way of life.

And you can change your script. Unlike an actor on stage, you don't have to follow the words you were given as a child, play the same character or wear the same costume. You can be who you want to be and you can be someone else. Perhaps the beliefs you had about yourself are no longer important and may not have been true to begin with. If you would like to explore further get in touch.

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