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Driving In Darkness

Have you ever driven in darkness on a dreadful night? In either fog, heavy rain or snow? I have on a number of occasions and it gives me no pleasure at all.

On a wet December evening two years ago I was visiting someone at an address I had never been to before. It was raining heavily and I was driving along a country road where there was no street lighting and I had only my headlights to help me see where I was going. At one point I seemed to lose sight of the edge of the road completely and slowed right down almost to a standstill.

I don't mind telling you that it was frightening. Then I remembered something my driving instructor told me. 'The Highway Code says Always drive in the distance you can see to be clear' If you cant see beyond your headlights then you can't say what is in front of you.' In other words slow down so that you can be ready to stop if you have to.

A very good analogy for life too. At the moment many of us cannot say what lies ahead for us in the middle of the Covid crisis. We cannot say where we will be in 6 months let alone next year. Some people are just living day to day. Most people cannot predict with any certainty what lies ahead.

What we do know is that the road for all of us is still there but we just cant see it at the moment. It is OK to live moment by moment, to enjoy each day if we can and to go as far as we can see. Trust that soon the sky will clear, the rain will stop and the sun will rise and we will be able to see further and to find our way. If you need someone on your journey to look out for you, get in touch.

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