How Does Counselling Work?

Not every Counsellor will work in the same way. I am a Transactional Analysis counsellor, which is a versatile approach to therapy. It can involve working for short-term or long-term work and my clients often take away tools and techniques which they can use in their daily lives.


Sessions will involve listening and helping you find your own way through what might seem to be a maze of difficulties, or perhaps sharing different ways of thinking and new ideas. I do on occasion work creatively and there are other simple techniques we can try from dream analysis, visualisation to drawing or use of other tools such as picture cards. Alternatively, I may suggest keeping a diary of anxious thoughts and feelings which clients can share with me in sessions if they wish.


The key part is that the work that I do with clients is client driven. We will work on whatever issue you wish to focus on and decide together on a contract for treatment. I will not tell you what to do but encourage you to find the answers within yourself. The most important thing is that I will listen, understand and will support you, whatever you are going through.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

Some people feel that 6 sessions of therapy is enough to get them on the right track. You may feel that a longer period of therapy would be better for you. I will normally contract with you to do six sessions initially and we can review the progress together and decide if you would like more.


Some more involved work such as childhood trauma may take much longer. However, the end product is always to help you feel better, not only in the therapy room but independently in your daily life

What Happens When I Contact You?

I spend ten to fifteen minutes in a brief telephone call initially. This is in order to take some personal details and to find out what it is that you are hoping to gain from Counselling. I then arrange an initial session lasting 50 minutes which is to enable you to ask questions and to tell me more of what you are struggling with. I can also tell you a bit more about how I work. 

What Will Happen During Counselling Sessions?

Although I am a TA Therapist, I do also use other techniques to assist with the work that we do together. The central purpose is to meet your specific need and to put you at the centre of the counselling process. I will help you to make sense of the pieces of your story, which can be complex if some feel lost, scattered and hard to reach.  

I will be honest and open with you too, and compassionate with what I hear, helping you to face whatever is happening within you.  I might challenge you from time to time, asking questions, noticing when there might be repetitive behaviours and thought patterns, which have been harmful or unproductive in the past. I will always encourage the real you to emerge, and for you to be empowered to make choices to improve your life and feel in control. 



'I can highly recommend John. John worked long term with some clients who attended a learning organisation in Hastings that I managed. Their feedback was that John was a great support and his counselling was very helpful and comforting to them.'

E. M

John, thanks you have been amazing. You are amazing at what you do. Thanks, you have helped me wonders'


John Earl